A facial is a skin treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. A facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear complexion that can help your skin look younger.

Acne treatment

This facial is for people who break out on their face. We will analyze what is the reason causing the break out. Then decided the right kind of product will be used on ones skin. That will include a cleansing, detox massage to lose up the impurities. An extraction may be used with a suction machine, ultrasound, or manually needed. Then follow up with a acne herbal mask to kill the bacteria that caused the acne grown. An oxygen infusion treatment can be added at a additional cost of $35 for preventing future break out.

Energy healing rejuvenating facial

Energy healing is to activated your own body energy to boost your own immune system and restart your own healing process. It will deep cleans the pores, rejuvenate the new cells regrown, lift up the shaggy skin., brighten up the uneven skin tone. Shrank the large pores. You will look 3 to 5 years younger right after the facial. Your skin will feel smooth like a babies Butt. there are a lots of facial massages in this facial, super relaxing. Additional time can be added for better result. Please let us know up in front before the facial starts. Oxygen infusion or therma treatment can also be added at additional cost for longer lasting.

Herbal peel

This herbal peel is been used in Germany for more than 200 years for skin renewal. The product is so natural, that is eatable. The facial can be a little to a lot uncomfortable depends on the level of peel that we decided to do. There are three levels of peel. A mini peel will give you just a lift. The beauty peel will give you more a result, but you will Feels some pain. The corrective peel will bring you a few years back to your look. It also can hurt a lot. But the result is amazing. With this peeling service, you must be stay in for the next five days. If you are a out door person. This will not be the facial for you. Great treatment for wrinkles, Pigmentations, and acne scars. Beauty peel and corrective peels can be request for additional cost. There will be skin peeling of the face for about 3 days. Usually the peel starts on the third day.

Oxygen infusion

Our body is locked of oxygen these days. Our cells will start to aging fast when we locked of oxygen intake. This facial will bring in more oxygen into our system. Once our cells get enough oxygen. It will be appearing more youth looking.

Therma face lifting

A face lifting without surgery, needle injections., no pain, no side effects. This facial is performed by Biboting Smart cupping 4DX massager. This treatment can be a replacement of therma~age with out the pain. An affordable price, with a better result. Getting it regularly, your face lifing with the 4DX therma massager will be semi permanent. Result guaranteed. 5 to 15 years younger depends on how often you are getting it done.

Guasha facial

This is a Chinese traditional scraping technique. Guasha is used on the body to increase circulation, increased the Qi and blood flood to get a better complexsion on the face. It will help to open up all the blocked meridians on the face.

Smart cupping facial

The hottest beauty device in the international beauty show lately. This Smart cupping therapy not just to give you a younger looking face. It can also relive chronic pain on your body. Looking good and feeling good at the same time.

Facial consultation

Consultation can be any where from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. We will help you to decide which facial will be the best choice for your Need. Consultation fee will be waved if you are getting a facial after that.